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Recent news from our collaborating artists


Susan Sentler – a multimedia/computer coding installation/collaboration with digital artist Dr. Jamie Forth and dancer Valerie Lim at the DECK Gallery, Singapore

 Jude Casseday (soundscapes) presenting her composition on the lemur gut microbiome for Duke Science & Society in October


The Fold as Somatic/Artistic Practice

a newly minted intensive online curated course has finished!


After  seven years of collaboration, dance and multi-media artist Susan Sentler and somatic educator Glenna Batson have launched a five-week online course in the artistic practice of folding – through movement, image, and other materials and technologies. We are thrilled at the initiation of this new course which has brought together a range of artists from different disciplines.The course is a five-week excursion into working with our guidance and curation through a palette of embodied processes and multi-media infusion. Designed as a generative platform for sourcing creativity, the course offers a space to transform playful exploration into deeply honed intimacy within art making….FULL DESCRIPTION  HERE.

Stay tuned

 future abbreviated online workshop offerings will be posted in November 


Human Origami is


An evolving STEAM network

STEAM stands for scientists, technology experts, engineers, artists and mathematicians – a trans-disciplinary network whose collaborations give rise to new art forms and scientific insights. Human Origami invites collaborations around the science and art of folding, offering new ways of envisioning and understanding the underlying aesthetic of life’s processes. Performing artists partner with bioengineers to fashion designers. The result? A new perspective on the aesthetics and logistics of human organization.


An embodied process of body-mind transformation.  

Human Origami movement workshops explore how the body folds and unfolds in response to an enriched sensory environment of movement, music, language and multi-media that engage body, mind and ear – a liminal experience that transforms consciousness and catalyzes creativity in movement expression.


A window into human development –

Folding is the basic movement repertoire and an archive etched into the history of human development.  Bio-Origami is how we got here, a continuum throughout the lifespan. Folding is how the embryo builds a body without a brain – a brilliance that speaks to the fundamentals of movement dynamics in the ecosystem of life.

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