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Fall Workshop at ADF Community Studios – Durham

Co-creators of Human OrigamiGlenna Batson and Susan Sentler presented Somatic Encounters on Both Sides of the Lens at the Modes of Capture Symposium at the University of Limerick, Ireland. The summer workshop drew from Human Origami to  enhance sensory awareness while filming movement improvisation with a cell phone.  Check out this clip.

Glenna will teach this workshop again Friday, September 20th, at the American Dance Festival Community Studios in Durham, NC. For more information and registration, click HERE.



Preview a Human Origami improvisational duet of folding while aging.  Film director Elisabeth Barbier of ICI & Now was the third mover in the room as she recorded the session. Also, enjoy a sampling of Susan Sentler’s dance/movement and multi-media installations and projects inspired by human origami and showcased around the globe.


Human Origami is


An evolving STEAM network

STEAM stands for scientists, technology experts, engineers, artists and mathematicians – a trans-disciplinary network whose collaborations give rise to new art forms and scientific insights. Human Origami invites collaborations around the science and art of folding, offering new ways of envisioning and understanding the underlying aesthetic of life’s processes. Performing artists partner with bioengineers to fashion designers. The result? A new perspective on the aesthetics and logistics of human organization.


An embodied process of body-mind transformation.  

Human Origami movement workshops explore how the body folds and unfolds in response to an enriched sensory environment of movement, music, language and multi-media that engage body, mind and ear – a liminal experience that transforms consciousness and catalyzes creativity in movement expression.


A window into human development –

STAY TUNED for the online course!!

Folding is the basic movement repertoire and an archive etched into the history of human development.  Bio-Origami is how we got here, a continuum throughout the lifespan. Folding is how the embryo builds a body without a brain – a brilliance that speaks to the fundamentals of movement dynamics in the ecosystem of life.

COMING SOON! An online course on Human Origami, the art and science of folding – slides, audio and transcripts!

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