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On Mindfulness

On Mindfulness   The play of paper origami has been called a mindful practice. Why? What is mindful about folding paper? And, why is cultivating mindfulness important?   In daily life, human beings largely operate on autopilot. The word autopilot derives from aviation. Here, technology allows for control of an aircraft without constant hands-on attention and effort. When applied to beings, however, autopilot suggests automatic -and therefore, mindless – carrying out of activity. Daily operations happen against a background of mental distraction, rumination and oblivion. The holism of body and mind is fragmented.   Mindfulness puts a full stop to
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Out of one, many

…And, out of many, one. I have fallen in love with Origami, more as an improvisational movement practice, then as the traditional paper play it is known for. And yet, I now see everyday paper trash in a new way. Tossing the newspaper into the recycle bin, I question silently, ‘is this paper now a no-thing? Is a new expression possible?  Check out this newspaper dress  – a charmingl example of how folding can transform the mundane into magic. Origami has captured the ingenuity of countless artists, engineers, and other visionaries.  Between the Folds, a PBS documentary produced in 2008, shows
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