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The Fold: Control is in the Process

  I admit it!…I love to get things done. My brain – and my ego – derive enormous satisfaction from finishing tasks and projects, and completing the simple minutiae of daily living. I often find myself tidying up – sometimes obsessively — making sure I cross all t’s and dot all i’s. I’m unduly frustrated by the feeling of incompleteness. Things left unfinished fragment my sense of  purpose, leaving me with an itch that never gets scratched to my satisfaction. On a deeper behavioral level, the unfinished leaves me with an incessant yearning, a neurological undercurrent that drives my productivity.
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Giant Origami – How scale shapes perception

The previous blog touched on the beauty of micro-scale origami, commonly seen in nature. Yet, diminutive patterning is often lost in the grand landscape before us. Gazing into the fractal folding of birch bark or a leaf’s lacey veins, opens our eyes to movement — a sense of infinite lines and endless depth. The micro-folds tempt and train the eye to see into the essence of things.   On the opposite end of the spectrum of microcosmic scale is origami writ large. Artists across multiple genres have drawn upon origami processes to create large (macro) scale sculptures in everything from
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Origami in Nature – the beauty of scale

Folding is nature’s most common way of making patterns. The action of folding is simple enough, but the dynamics within the action are infinitely varied.  They turn a mechanical concept into a process. A simple fold displays a range of dynamics and depth. If we take a moment to pause and gaze at any fold, a perceptual duet emerges. We begin to entrain to the energetic vitality of design before us. Within moments, a static line yields, comes alive in the interplay of light and shadow. Creases lengthen and deepen, shimmer and flow.   Our perceptions can magically shift from habitual
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