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Here, not There

Here, not there… Fact: The brain is designed for movement (See the TED talk, The Reason for Brains ).  Movement enables worldly engagement – how we enter into relationships with people and things — navigate, communicate and execute our plans, Some argue that thought itself is movement (Sheets-Johnstone 1982).   I view the brain as an organ of reaction and prediction. We either are reacting to the something that just happened (the past), or predicting what’s going to happen (the future). Needless to say, our brain always is hard at work keeping physical and emotional balance in whatever the conditions. At
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Self-Regulation – the heart of Human Origami

Self-Regulation – the heart of Human Origami   Word has it that humans are remarkably adaptive. We seem to be able to shift gears spontaneously or change directions on a dime, to meet the moment. Feeling a bit too hot? Simply, whip out a fan, don cooler clothing, down a cold beer, seek shade, or, short of the usual options, mentally picture yourself in a cool oasis. Scientists call this creative capacity, self-regulation — the agency to guide and control our own actions. Self-regulation gives us a sense of empowerment that enables us to act independently as conditions change.  
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