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The Fold – Kin-aesthetic Beauty

The Fold – Kin-aesthetic Beauty   One thing about holidays: they call us to dress up our lives. At the end of the calendar year, the season beckons the fa la la,  the fun, fancy, and sheer pleasure of beauty – that sparkly tinsel-tacky decor, the zesty colors of a holiday banquet table, or the donning of ‘gay apparel.’   To date, these blogs have focused on the self-regulatory dynamics  – the biological intelligence  — of folding that creates both bodily- and worldly relationships in the fabric of existence. Or, they’ve featured examples where origami has been the muse of
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Our Enfolded Ecosystem

Our Enfolded Ecosystem   The study of embodiment seems a bit superfluous. We live in our bodies. What more is there to say? Plenty! To be embodied is to live in relationship –  to live from a felt sense of – what the late Martin Luther King Jr. called –       ‘the inescapable network of mutuality.’   Biological organisms are an interdependent ecology – enfolded, enmeshed and empathic. Human Origami enables a small conceptual leap to see that folding underscores the shaping of all relationships. From our embryonic life onwards, we are shaping and being shaped, first by fluid forces,
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