Partnering Paper

Phenomenology of Extension

‘You cannot fold a flood…and put it in a drawer…’ Emilie Dickinson

Anne's world. 03/16

Anne’s world. 03/16

Human Origami is the flood – the passion for folding. It is an exploration that arises when skin meets world. A rich dialogue emerges when body partners with paper or fabric. As the moving body meets fiber and thread, new movement emerges in surprising ways. Contact with different densities, thicknesses, weights, and colors gives rise to a new realm of experience. And, there’s also moving with ‘the space between’ – that interval of folding space that is far from empty. In the most basic terms, to ‘have’ is to fold that which is outside inside…to ‘make’ is to unfold – to manifest in the world – that which is inside, outside.



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